Lynda Quesnel

Is a Nurse Practitioner in good standing with the CNO

As a Nurse Practitioner in Ontario,  Lynda is able diagnose illness, order tests, prescribe medication and manage health conditions.  

If you require an appointment for a medical need with Lynda, she can see you in her clinic.

*Please note:  this is not covered by OHIP

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Locum Services

Do you have a clinic in need of locum support for NP/MD services?

Lynda provides locum relieve virtually, and possibly in person as an independent contractor.

Lynda has years of experience as an NP in Primary Care and with EMRs as well as competitive rates.

Medical Director


Are you a nurse (RN/RPN) in need of a Medical Director for you Aesthetics Business?

Lynda has been helping clinics by providing Medical Directorship to them for 2 years.  Reach out to Lynda if you require more information.

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Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-Identical Medicine means replacing EXACTLY what the body is missing due to age, stress, or both. This non-drug form of therapy means there are no side effects since the therapy is not a foreign substance in the body.  Bio-identical therapy restores balance, and we can prove that balance is restored by checking subsequent hormone levels.  

At your first visit, you will meet with Lynda Quesnel NP 

to discuss and prioritize your symptoms over time.  

Based on this initial assessment, the appropriate testing will be ordered.  

This can include blood tests for detailed thyroid function, and salivary adrenal and gonadal performance.  

Your results will be reviewed at your second visit and targeted bio-identical therapy will be prescribed.  

At follow-up visits every 6-12 weeks, progress is assessed using many indicators.  

Only rarely will repeat salivary testing be necessary in the first 6 months.  

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