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Private Primary Care


*Not Covered By OHIP

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Lynda Quesnel   MScN, PHC-NP

Is a Nurse Practitioner in good standing with the CNO

As a Nurse Practitioner in Ontario,  Lynda is able diagnose illness, order tests and interpret the results, prescribe medication, refer to specialists and manage health conditions.

*Please note:  these services are not covered by OHIP*

Available Services

Full physical exam – includes review/ordering of screening tests (30-45 min): $110

Episodic Visit (15 min): $55  - prescriptions renewals, minor ailments, assessments ***multiple issues may be charge additional fees

Prescription renewals after initial visit: $20

Form completion:

  • WSIB - $60

  • Drivers Medical Forms $120

  • Sick note- $10 (plus episodic visit fee)

  • 1-page forms - $20 (plus episodic visit fee)

  • Disability forms – $100

Cannabis Consultation and Prescription - $100

Cervical Cancer Screening (pap smear), STI testing $65

Urine testing for UTI, pregnancy: $50

Lab draw/Venipuncture: $20

Referrals to specialists: $80

Virtual medical appointment - 15min - $55

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