Dysport / Botox / Xeomin


Don't let those forehead or frown lines get in the way of feeling and looking your best!  Neurotoxins are a prescription medication used for the temporary improvement of mild to severe wrinkles (rhytides) in the forehead, frown lines and around the eyes without changing the natural movement of the rest of your face.  ​Here at Allure Medical Aesthetics, we like to take a conservative approach to find the right dose for you.  

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What are Neuromodulators?

These prescription medications have been used for many years to relax muscle movement.  Lines and wrinkles are caused by repetitive muscle movement.  Eventually dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that appear with movement, will progress to static lines; lines that are there even without movement.

How do they work?

When a muscle is injected with a neuromodulator, the message from the nerve to the muscle is blocked causing temporary weakness or paralysis.  ​The areas most commonly treated are the forehead, frown lines and around the eyes, however, other areas may be treated.

How is it done?

After an initial consultation, this treatment does not take very much time.  Very small needles are used to inject specific amounts in the muscles.  Anesthesia is not usually required and only minor discomfort is to be expected.

* These are prescription medications that can only be prescribed by a Nurse Practitioner or Physician in Ontario
* These can only be delivered via injection, therefore must be injected by a medical professional (RPN, RN, NP, MD) in Ontario​
Everyone's pain tolerance is different, but generally speaking the PAIN is around  1-2/10

How long does it last?

Neuromodulators generally last between 3-6 months.  The effects gradually set in over 5-14 days and movement will gradually return and the lines and wrinkles will reappear and will need to be treated again.

How to prepare for your treatment

If you are planning on having wrinkle relaxing treatments done, there are a few things to do to prepare:
• Stop taking Aspirin and any other kinds of anti-inflammatory medications for a few days before your appointment
• Avoid consuming alcohol for a few days before

​You cannot have neuromodulators if:
• you are pregnant or are breastfeeding
• you have a neurological disorder
• you have an infection in the area to be treated
• you are prone to keloid scarring
• you have an allergy to the injectables’ ingredients
• you are allergic to cow's milk protein (Dysport only)
• you are not eligible for the treatment

Be sure to pick you up your aftercare card after your treatment.
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