Lipolysis/Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic Acid / Belkyra / Lipodissolve

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What is Deoxycholic Acid?

Lipodissolve is an innovative alternative to liposuction that involves a series of micro-injections that dissolve unwanted areas of fat.
• DEOXYCHOLIC ACID  is an injectable medication that helps to dissolve fat under the chin; known as submental fullness
• it is indicated for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe fullness under the chin in adults.
• the safety for the use of this treatment to other areas of the body has not been established

How Does It Work?

The fat cells absorb the medication and become slightly inflamed and harden. The hardened fat cells break down within a few weeks and are eliminated via the body’s natural processes.First, the injected solution disrupts the fat cell membrane. This causes the cells to burst, releasing their enzymes and fatty content. Second, an inflammatory response ensures, allowing the debris to be “cleaned up” by the macrophages that have migrated to the area. This inflammation is responsible for the redness and soreness but also allows for tissue retraction. Lastly, new collagen is deposited in the area, causing skin retraction with denser, firmer skin character. The fat and cellular debris that are removed are collected as waste and excreted through the body’s normal metabolic pathways, through the urinary and bowel systems.

What is Submental Fullness?

• Submental fullness is due to submental fat, sometimes referred to as a "double chin"
• It is quite common yet somewhat under treated
• It can be caused by aging, genetics, and weight gain and often does not resolve with weight loss and diet.

How is Deoxycholic Acid Administered?

• It is administered by injecting small amounts in multiples sites under the chin
• Each treatment usually takes around 30 minutes
• The distribution of the injections is tailored to your specific anatomy
• 2-6 treatments may be required to reach the desired result and can be done a month or two apart

What are the Possible Side Effect?

• Deoxycholic Acid is known to be a safe medication when injected properly
• The most common side effects include swelling, redness, heat and bruising
• For the first 48 hours after a treatment, vigorous physical activity or exercise is not recommended. After that time period, playing sports or exercising is acceptable.

When will I see results?

On the average, patients begin to see noticeable improvement after 2-4 sessions. While many experience results sooner, we cannot guarantee this.

Is it permanent?

The average person is born with a certain number of fat cells and after adolescence does not develop more.
Lipodissolve will permanently remove fat cells in the area of treatment, leaving only a thin layer of cells, unless a large amount of weight is gained, because the fat dissolving formula actually destroys fat cells. If a person gains weight, the treated area can become larger because some fat cells still remain. However, the treated area should remain proportionate with the surrounding areas.

Does it result in weight loss?

No. Lipodissolve helps dissolve stubborn fat deposits, but it does not result in weight loss.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

• Avoid alcoholic beverages, anti-inflammatories (such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Celebrex, etc.), aspirin, Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, & other nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs (arthritis medicine) THREE DAYS PRIOR TO TREATMENT, in order to reduce possible side effects of bruising/swelling in the areas of treatment.

• Bring loose fitting clothing for treatments of the body due to slight swelling. A girdle type garment may be worn to provide support (especially for the abdomen/saddlebag area). Body slimmers (Target brand) or something similar will be adequate.

• Eat a light meal or snack 1 ½ hours before appointment

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